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Hey there! I am Diane and for as long as I remember I have always been passionate about creating and painting. I remember my father teaching me how to draw and experimenting different matter to create some master pieces. I grew up loving organic hand made objects, sculptures, art pieces...
In 2017, I spent a year being a full time mum of 3. During those lightsome moments with my kids, I dived again into manual work to entertain them. I also got the chance to travel and all of that inspired me to create L'atelier de Lilou.

My wish was to make handcrafted locally made wood toys/games which respect nature and people.
The creation of L'atelier de Lilou gave me the opportunity to meet some incredible passionate craftsmen who are now part of this journey with me. We value Mauritian talent and trust small-scale local production.

We cherish an organic look to our products, each piece is uniquely handcrafted.
We fully believe that imperfection is perfectly beautiful.

Help us sustain our handmade journey by supporting local craftsmanship.