Art building blocks is building blocks presented as a puzzle. Dimension: 37cm X 26cm X4.5cm BENEFITS OF BUILDING BLOCKS: 1. Hand eye coordination – The child has to learn to place the block on the block tower in such a way that does not topple the tower. 2. Teaches kids early math and engineering skills through hands on learning. Kids definitely learn better when they can feel objects and the best way to learn geometric shapes is to feel each and every corner. They learn how heavy the blocks are and then they learn exactly how to place the block in order for it not to fall. 3. Spatial awareness 4. Improves fine motor skills 5. Enhances logical thinking capability – it provides mental stimulation and teaches kids cause and effect. For example, if she places the block too close to the edge the tower topples over. BENEFITS OF A PUZZLE: 1. Mental exercise 2. Better visual-spacial reasoning 3. Greater attention to detail 4. Improve memory 5. Improve problem solving ability

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We have used FSC Certified wood to make this Toy.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Wood that has FSC certification is the best type of wood that you can use for your wooden projects. FSC certification is the best indicator that the wood that you are using was harvested sustainably.