In October, I have the chance to meet some kids at Le rendezvous Mauritius for 2 half days workshop.

On the first day, we painted wood cubes with our name letters and numbers on them. It was the first time that I did a workshop and I loved it. The kids were great and enjoy picking their own colours for their cubes. At the end of the painting when they took out the masking tape that revealed their name letters they were completely amazed!

On Day 2, we did pebble painting. I have showed the kids different ways of drawing simple face that reveals emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear and angry faces. 

Before the workshop  I have painted lots of pebbles in different colors. (It saves time during workshop as paint can take some time to dry.)

Each kids picked 8 colored pebbles, of their own choice and started to draw, paint, glue on them. They have been super creative, check the pictures below.